Wrong Cubase Opens???

New install of 10.5 PRO (twice) on new macbook pro using Catalina. ECC Licence center is good and sees pro license on dongle. Start from Apps or launchpad and last night Pro opens…today Artist opens. Im at 10.5.20. Did I miss an update?
Any advice is appreciated.

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have the very latest eLCC version installed, please.

I had this problem, even with the latest eLCC version installed. Usually Artist would open, I would close it, then Pro would open the second time. I had serious problems with Dorico as well that rendered it unusable. As it turned out, it seems this was an issue with my dongle, which is really old…I’ve been using Cubase since the mid 90’s, so I don’t remember which version it came with! In any case, bought the current dongle, transferred my licenses, and most of my problems with Cubase and Dorico vanished, including the “Pro opens Artist” bug.