Wrong Drive letter?

I copied a project folder to an external drive took it home to do some editing on laptop.
When I try to open any song in N 6.6 it says file not found wrong drive letter ( I think )
I tried the resolve menu with no luck.
Do I have to change the drive letter on the laptop to match the copied drive letter on the external drive.
I’m old and confused> :smiley:

In the recent files section it gives the path of project files. Does that match the directory Win/Mac gives outside of Nuendo?

It could be that when you attach your external drive to the laptop it is allocated a different drive letter from the one it has when attached to your main computer. For example, if you have two internal drives on the main system they will probable be called C: and D:, and the external drive will be E:; however if you have only one internal drive on the laptop it will be called C: and when you connect the external drive it will become D:.

So rename the drive letter on the laptop E? Which would match the studio?

If you use File-Open, it doesn’t matter what the path is.