Wrong flow on opening project

How do you determine which flow should appear when you first open a project? I keep saving a project with Flow 1 visible, but every time I open the project it shows me Flow 2.

This is only a guess, but it might be worth trying.
Select something in Flow 1 before you save.
It might also be worth seeing if saving when in Page view is any different from saving when in Galley view.

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Thanks for these suggestions. I’m not seeking further help with this, just reporting my findings in case they are of interest to anyone.

Selecting something in Flow 1 before saving the project didn’t help. But, when I tried switching to Page View, and was therefore able to see the flow name in the music area, I realised that the project actually was opening at Flow 1: it was just the title bar saying it was Flow 2, and in Galley View I couldn’t see an indication that it wasn’t.

On looking back at a thread requesting visibility of flow names in Galley View, I am reminded that the title bar is supposed to show the name of the flow in which you last selected something. [EDIT: I now see that if you Go To Flow 2 the title bar shows Flow 2, even if something is selected in Flow 1. It doesn’t change to Flow 2 until you select something there. I must have misunderstood what I read in the other thread.] Not only is this confusing (since one might expect the title bar to show the name of what you are looking at) but it doesn’t explain why, on opening the project, the title bar still shows Flow 2 even though I selected something in Flow 1 before saving it. If I switch to Page View, however (without selecting anything), the title bar correctly says I am in Flow 1.

It’s not important – now that I know what to watch out for, and hopefully won’t be caught again. But flow names in Galley View really would be helpful.