Wrong font replacement in Dorico SE


I created a project with Dorico Pro, using the MTF Cadence font.

When opening the same file in Dorico SE, I’m asked to replace the font. I enter Bravura, but then the score shows scrambled graphics, instead of music.

Not a problem, because I can install the missing font. Just something strange.


You should restart Dorico. This sounds like a Macintosh problem. Or better yet, as you stated, reinstall the font and keep it installed.

I don’t think it is a matter of font cache, since Bravura is correctly shown when the score is created in Bravura. It’s the replacement that is causing issues.

It’s not a matter of reinstalling the missing font, since it is not installed at all! :slight_smile:


Don’t do anything when you get that dialog box. Just click through.