Wrong Fonts - Measure, Key, Clefs

I have installed Dorico 2.1 and have wrong Fonts in Bravura now. Measure, Keys and Clefs looks like Wingdings Fonts (Screenshots).
How can I change this to the correct Fonts? In Petaluma everything is ok. Thanks

Dear Stefano,
This sounds so familiar… There have been a number of threads by people on Windows who just installed the software and ran into these problems. Simple solution : reboot!

Hi Marc
Thank you, I forgot that a reboot often helps. Unfortunately this time it didn’t. I can’t figure out which settings could affect this problem. When I start up with a solo piano sheet it looks like this
solo piano.jpg
Changing “Time signature Font”, or “Time signature plain Font” doesn’t do anything. I’ve tried to reinstall Dorico but it didn’t helped neither.

Windows does have a rare problem when fonts are being updated. You could try to follow these instructions and see if they help:

Thank you. I did it but it’s still the same. With Bravura I have Wingdings Signs on the Score (Clefs, Time Signatures, Key Signatures, Noteheads) and also in the “common” Template. With Petaluma the Score ist ok, but in the “common” Template I see still Wingdings… Really strange.
Score Petaluma.jpg
solo piano.jpg

Now it works. After deleting the Font-Cache I installed Dorico from anew.
Everything is ok now. Thank you!