(Wrong forum topic) Getting Audio to Work

I am using Cubasis AI 12.
I have 2 Samson condenser pencil mics with 2 XLR cords connecting from the mics to the input side of the Steinberg UR22C interface. In the back, I am using a USB3.0 which is connected to my GE66 Raider MSI. That is it. I open Cubasis AI12, and I see that my mics do not have any gain unless I turn on my 48V switch, then I can see the range of the sounds.

My Studio setup is Yamaha Steingberg USB ASIO with direct monitoring checked. The I/O sections are all visible and checked as active. I press the record button test, but there are no recordings. No sounds exist either. What could I be doing wrong?

Hi @RowlandWest,

Thanks for your message and sorry for my late reply (due to annual holidays).

In the Cubasis forum, you are welcome to discuss and ask questions about Cubasis for iOS and Android.

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