Wrong Instrument triggered?

Using BBC SO Unpitched Percussion map and I must have messed something up. When notes play for the suspended cymbal it automatically switches to bass drum. All configuration of the plugin seem correct. Any support would be amazing.

That would mean that whatever midi note is selected in the percussion map for the suspended cymbal is incorrectly placed on the midi note that triggers the bass drum inside BBCSO. Either modify the percussion map so that it triggers the midi note that triggers the suspended cymbal in the bbcso player, or change the midi note attributed to the cymbal in the bbcso player so that it matches the midi note in the percussion map…

Thanks! Going to implement in the morning.

Ok, I’m having trouble figuring this out. At present, the Suspended cymbal isn’t even showing in the original percussion map. Does this look normal? The note names don’t correspond to the keyswitch in the plugin. I get concept of this and am general fluent with midi configs but having trouble finding resources on how to get this resolved.

Dear nefstati,
I just had a look over the untuned percussion I have in BBCSO Core… and the obvious reason you cannot play suspended cymbal is because there are no suspended cymbals available in that library! You have crash cymbals in a variety of articulations and that’s it. So you’ll have to fake your suspended cymbal with one flavour of those crash cymbals, or change the library.