Wrong license

I purchased Dorico 3.5 Elements in Dec 2021. I am having a bit of trouble upgrading to Dorico 4 Elements.

When I signed in to the eLicenser it told me I was eligible for an update. However the link took me to a page that was broken. (sorry I do not remember the exact wording). So I went to the Download Assistant and downloaded the Elements Upgrade to 4.

Now when I start Dorico it loads Dorico Pro 4. It loads up and works great. Lovely program but it is not the license I paid for. I bought Elements 3.5. How do I get the proper version installed on my computer?


Welcome to the forum, @ChuckB. Please email me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de with a screenshot of your eLicenser Control Center window, so I can see your Dorico Elements 3.5 license in there, and I should be able to help get you up and running.