Wrong menus appearing: Menu Mayhem

How can I fix that? Any clue?


Fix what exactly?

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Hi would you mind writing a title that can help developer or ppl in the forum to understand what is your problem and give you an answer?

Also a minimal description along with your well appreciated colorful screenshot would be also beneficial.

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The menus display different options under the wrong menu title. I thougt the screenshot was selfexplaining… Sorry…

Ok now it is more understandable thanks.
Form the screenshot I cannot say if the menu “Partitions” is duplicated (you have 2 of them) OR when you click on it’s actual position the pop-up appears offsetted as in the screenshot.

Questions: Are you using a single monitor with that big resolution?
Would it be possible to toggle your current settings for HiDPI in the Preferences and see if this changes anything?

I use two monitors (extended desktop) and this thing happens when I toggle between the two. I don’t use HiDPI as I can’t have SpectraLayers Pro 7 completely full screen on my laptop screen (I drag it on my second Samsung monitor; its bigger anyway and closer).

I have this laptop and Cubase runs under my Quadro graphic card, not the Intel :
ProArt StudioBook Pro 17| StudioBook Series | ASUS

That’s difficult to tell.
Do like this (to be more noticed by a developer in here (I am not sorry).
Rename your post :

Cubase main menu popup offset problem

and tag your post as issue in the same dialog so you get more noticed.

Dunno if @Martin.Jirsak has a clue of what could troubleshooted.

Done… I hope?

I still see the same title…

By the way if you don’t use DPI scaling have you also tried to use it and see if there is any difference?
(my suggestion was to toggle it the opposite of what you have now to see if helps)

And super last post maybe this one has something to do with it (it talks about font scaling in Windows that might be interfering with menu offset)

I did rename my post (in clicking on the pencil) , but I don’t know how to save the changing (I just clicked Reply and it didn’t work).
I’ll try to reassign my Intel card to Cubase to see if it does something.
Also, I thought it might be the fact that the menus are translated in french. My language take more space than english (sometimes a third more) and it might have consequences on the diplaying of the menus. Just an hypothesis… Thank you for all yours answers.

Ouais, je sais :smiley:

I strangely fix the problem. Two days ago I created a new Workspace (Alt 1) which brings the Mix Console from my laptop screen to my secondary screen (Samsung). And suddenly, the wrong menus problem disappears and everything is fine!

Go figure…

Wow pretty weird!
Thanks for the update!