Wrong midi transcription

The World Goes 'Round.dorico (1.9 MB)

I’m getting very weird midi transcription from Dorico - it’s not following my requantize settings. I am recording in a swing feel but even still I would just expect Dorico to straighten out the written notation or something, but I’m getting these random triplets and dotted 8th notes in bar 1.

Dorico doesn’t have proper support for straightening played swing, so I would suggest playing straight if that’s how you want the music to be notated.

I suppose my question is more why does Dorico have triplets if I have set my requantize settings to not detect tuplets?

This is not the dialog you are looking for. This is only to re-quantize something you have already put in.
Got to Preferences, in the last section (“Play”?) you’ll find the options you need.

@dspreadbury Maybe we could have a separate section for recording in the Preferences dialog? Finding recording stuff under “Play” is a bit misleading. Additionally, I would love to have these options a bit better available, as I find myself quite often changing them according to the stuff I’m recording. Thanks!

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