Wrong music font in Factory templates… How to solve this?

Dear fellow Doricians,

When I start a project using for instance solo piano template from the factory templates, I get this
Capture d’écran 2022-02-15 à 09.17.51
And here’s why :
Capture d’écran 2022-02-15 à 09.18.06

Could you tell me how to cure all these? Is there a one-step solution?
FWIW, that font is there because I installed the Finale 27 trial in order to have some more SMUFL fonts but hey, I never use those… So maybe getting rid of them could solve the problem?

The Finale font bundle comes with “Text” companion fonts to each of the music fonts. They are NOT SMuFL fonts. They are text fonts, and contain no music characters. (Finale Maestro Text is a bit like Times.)

But for some reason, they have included JSON files for these fonts. As a result, they show up in Dorico’s Music Font menu. (Why that font is getting selected in a brand new template, I have no idea.)

Anyway, what you need to do is remove the JSON files for the TEXT fonts from the usual SMuFL font folder.

You may also want to remove all the old Finale fonts, e.g. Maestro, Petrucci, Engraver, Jazz, etc from your OS Font folder, depending on whether you use Finale or not.


Thanks Ben. I removed the folders from the SMuFL folder for all text fonts, removed the old finale fonts (from 2011) and now, I get Templates that load with… MTF-Arnold, not my favorite, but at least it looks like music. I wonder why Bravura does not get selected by default.

Marc, have tried to reinstall D4? I think reinstalling could bring back Bravura as your default music font.

I suspect you have some kind of fishy setting in your user library, Marc. If you want to zip up and attach the userlibrary.xml file from your user-level application data folder, I can take a look.

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Dear Daniel,
Here you are ! Thanks a lot.
userlibrary.xml (80.2 KB)

Reinstalling D4 will rewrite back your userlibrary.xml with standard settings.

Tip: You could edit the xml file, search for: MTF-Arnold then replace with Bravura, save the file.

No, Nor’s advice is unfortunately wrong on both counts. Reinstalling Dorico 4 won’t do anything to a userlibrary.xml file, and the problem is not that MTF-Arnold is specified as the default music font in any case.

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Here you go, @MarcLarcher. This should work as expected now. (I see some evidence that there had been some hand-editing of the userlibrary.xml file: it’s best avoided if possible.)

userlibrary.xml.zip (7.4 KB)

Thank you Daniel. I don’t remember why I tried and modified that file. It must have been years ago… Thank you for healing it!

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