Wrong Note Displayed

HI. I am using Dorico 3. I am trying to input a Half note in the staff. Instead, it displays a Quarter note instead. Is there a setting I’m missing? I upgraded from Dorico 2.
dorico3 problem.jpg

There’s a barline in the way - you’re in 4/4. What do you expect Dorico to do here?

The first 4 notes should have been half notes so there should be two notes instead of 4 quarter notes. That’s what I have selected

By default, when you set the caret in an empty bar, quarter notes are entered. My suspicion is that you hit the Half note button (or typed 7) before invoking the caret, and haven’t paid attention to what’s actually happening on screen.

I did what you said but still displays quarter notes. Every other notes displays correctly except Half notes.

What are you doing to produce half notes? Clicking the icon? Typing a number?

Open the panel on the left side using Ctrl-7. When you press 7 on the top number row of your keyboard, is the half note icon selected?

typing in 7.

And is the half note icon highlighted in the side panel?

Correct. It is highlighted. That is what my attachment shows

  1. Delete all the notes
  2. Enter note input mode
  3. Navigate the caret to the downbeat
  4. Press 7
  5. Press a letter key for the note name you want.

If that gives you a quarter note, I’m a monkey’s uncle!

It still gives me a quarter note even though it should be a half note. there are two notes per measure for the half notes, but it shows up as quarter notes. Maybe it is a bug. I appreciate your help so far.


Can you do a screen capture demonstrating it, just to confirm?

I’ve never heard of a bug like that. No offense, but I’m not convinced you’re doing it correctly.

I attached a pic before your last post

With some of these notes selected, right-click and go Notehead > Default Noteheads. Does that fix it? If not, (with the notes still selected) right-click and go Notehead > Larger Noteheads.
My suspicion is that you’ve been playing with the Notehead Sets editor and have replaced the half notehead with the default quarter (and shorter) notehead…

The only other possibility I can think of is that you’ve recently upgraded from a previous version of Dorico, and you either haven’t restarted since upgrading or the font update hasn’t installed correctly, but that’s (even!) more unlikely.

I think that solved it with the Notehead > Default Noteheads. Thank you very much.