Wrong note mapping in groove agent

Cubase 11 elements, trial version, groove agent se 4

Hello, I crossed 2 problems when trying to map my keyboard (m-audio ctrl49) to the groove agent se 4 pads and play patterns.

  1. Learning notes will differ in 1 octave. If I want to map my C-1 Pad(as can be seen on my controllers display) to groove agent by “learn trigger note”, groove agent will say its C-2.

  2. Dragging my midi pattern, which works fine when played on a midi track, will not
    work fine anymore when pulled into the “drop midi pattern here to add into user library” area.
    When playing a pattern with a range of 8 pads, the note range will be displaced by -4, so only the last half of the pattern will be heard.
    Which can also be seen if I use the “drag midi to host sequenzer” function = wrong notes.
    Somehow the midi is shifted when using the import function.

If I drag the midi directly to the pattern pad, then it works fine, then - when I want to make use of the library I need to use the “save midi pattern” function to import it there.

Another thing I noticed is, when dragging the midi pattern out into the sequener, the track I drag it to will be ignored and the pattern will be inserted into the track below or a new midi track will be created for that. Quite annoying, why is that ?