Wrong pdf preview in Dorico 5

Sorry to bother. Probably a stupid question.
I’m working on my first very large project in Dorico and I’m experiencing a strange behaviour of the pdf preview in Print Mode.
The exported pdf file is correct, but the music in the preview is larger than the page. Please see the attached image.
On the other hand, Preview using a printer is correct.
Never had this problem in many years using Dorico 4.
Of course, I can send the project file, if necessary.
Thank you very much in advance.
Preview.pdf (121.7 KB)

The print preview may be using the current paper size defined for your printer, rather than the layout’s actual size. If you switch the Destination back to Printer and choose a different page size there, then switch back to the Graphics destination, does the preview then look more correct? I guess the issue is that in the print settings you’re trying to print e.g. B4 onto A4 paper and telling Dorico not to scale the music down to fit.

Dear Daniel,
I’ve changed the print settings to scale the music down to fit.
Then switched back to Graphics destination.
Problem solved.
Thank you so much!

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(Erm - perhaps you should credit Daniel with the solution, rather than yourself?)

Yes, my mistake!!!
I thought it was a way to credit Daniel with the solution.
I’m not really comfortable with the buttons of the Forum.
I’m very sorry. Thank you