Wrong print preview

There is a wrong displaying of the copyright character (C) in the print preview, at least when using the Petaluma Script font.
In all modes but the print one the copyright character is displayed correctly:
Also in the exported pdf everything is OK. But in Print mode not:
That’s is not a big problem, if not for the fact that it lets you think that the exported pdf will contain the problem too.

Print preview has some issues. I do a lot of work in Hebrew/Yiddish and although everything looks fine in write and engrave mode, in print mode, the punctuation moves around and looks wrong (like parenthesis moving to be backwards next to each other, instead of enclosing words). However, the actual print/pdf export works correctly. So, although it’s annoying to have to review the text in write or engrave mode, it does get the job done fine.

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Hi @Claudio_Rosati,

that looks indeed strange.

However, I couldn’t reproduce that displaced © sign in print mode and by using Petaluma Script [as set in (Engrave Mode) LibraryParagraph StylesCopyright].

My printout was done in CutePDF writer, and I’d just entered the copyright info to:
(Write Mode) FileProject infoProjectCopyright:

Perhaps there might be some odd (or contradictory) setting deep inside all the settings pages, wherever fonts can be changed. Perhaps a full reset of your Dorico preferences might resolve this. Apart from that, I’m out of ideas.


Anyway, being a software developer myself, if the Dorico team needs my score to dig into it, please just ask.

Petaluma Script doesn’t have a copyright character, so you’re getting a substituted character from another font. Therefore, to some degree, all bets are off as to what you will actually get! I have made a note that we need to add this character to the font.

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Thank you Daniel.
Clearly this generally explains the bad behavior, even if it seems that various parts of the program (i.e. setup, write, and engrave modes, and the print processor) are handling the substitution better that the print mode. That was the reason of my report.