wrong sample rate


I have a problem with the sample rate:
I have started new projects from template, which is saved with 44.1kHz sample rate setting.
Unfortunately I didn’t notice that my interface (Behringer X32 Producer) was set to 48kHz for some reason and unfortunately I didn’t notice this in Cubase. Even though there is no warning message.
In the end, I only noticed it when exporting to an mp3 file, since 44.1kHz is also set for this. This was now played ~9% slower.

Is that a bug now?
You will only notice it in the GUI when you open the Project Settings dialog, because then something like “Sample Rate is not supported” is displayed in orange in the dialog.
But I would expect to be told at the start of a new or existing Project if the sample rates do not match.

I find this very annoying, because the files in the project can’t be adjusted to the desired sample rate of 44.1kHz anymore

thanks and best regards

Open POOL and convert the file sample rate