wrong sound in Halion

I just started a new simple project with flute, violin and bass.
Dorico puts the wrong sound in the bass channel.
I restarted and then Dorico crashed after loading this piece.
Score attached.

nr 1.zip (742 KB)

You’ve created a bass singer: is that not what you wanted? If you want a bass guitar or a double bass, you can use the Change Instrument feature to change the current instrument to the one you actually wanted, or, since there’s no music written for bass yet, you could simply delete the player and create a new one, with the right instrument assigned.

ups - so I did :unamused:
I changed that Halion channel to Electric bass (finger) before deleting that player and creating a new player with Acoustic bass guitar.
But Halion did not delete that channel so now I have 4 players in Halion and 3 in the score. Is this intentional ?
Also Halion is very slow in loading sounds. Putting in a Tenor voice in this piece takes about 47 sec. Could a reinstall of Halion be a solution to this ? -and if yes - what the best way to do it ?
It’s also slow in Cubase.

I believe choosing Play > Apply Default Playback Template should clear down HALion and reload only the sounds you actually need.