Wrong spelling of chords

In this chord progression in the key of F#, Dorico spells the 2nd chord wrong for some reason.
All chords are entered with a midi keyboard.
In this key, it should be notated as a C#/E# and not Db/F. Later on when the C# returns it’s spelled right.


What setting do you have selected here?

Allow all roots

Are you in a part layout for a transposing instrument? If so, you can change the spelling for all parts with the same transposition.

Lillie, no, it’s a non-transposing guitar part. (and it looks the same in the score and all other non-transposing parts…)

Of course I know how to manually respell chord symbols, but that wasn’t the actual question. The main issue here is that Dorico spells a C#-chord as a Db in the key of F#-major, which is obviously wrong.
Now when I’ve looked closer into this it seems that it is when using B# and E# as alternate roots the chord gets spelled wrong. (I.e. C#/E# & C#/B#) With any other root the chord gets spelled correctly.

Since I’ve checked Allow all roots in the Engraving options I can’t see any other alternative than it is a bug.