Wrong staff grouping


I’ve searched a bit but couldn’t find the answer. Probably I’m just dum.

I tried inserting an instrument change. A percussionist goes from Taikos to a Cymbal. Yeah, it’s strange. But still…

I have no idea why the grouping of the staves are like this

what do I have to correct in order to make them look the same?


Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do to influence the staff grouping after an instrument change. The only thing I can suggest is to find an instrument that would still be bracketed correctly with your other unpitched percussion instruments and then use that in favour of the actual cymbal instrument you’re using at the moment, changing the names that appear as staff labels using the Edit Names dialog accessible via the Players panel in Setup mode.

I know that the staff grouping we have for percussion instruments isn’t correct at the moment, and I hope we’ll be able to improve this in the release following the imminent 1.0.30 update.

Ok, no worries.

I use Dorico as a transcription software, everything I do is already composed via Paper and pencil and Cubase, so I’m not in need of hearing what I write.
Your suggestion can be a good idea.

Thanks Daniel as usual