Wrong symbol for left-hand pizz. after upgrade

After upgrading to Dorico 1.2, all the left-hand pizzicato symbols (which look like a plus sign) in my scores are replaced with the symbol for thumb position. This applies to old scores as well as newly created ones, and the wrong symbol is used in the interface as well. All other symbols display correctly, as far as I can see.

I’m using macOS 10.12.6 and have tried rebooting the computer, to no avail. How can I solve this problem?

How did you add this symbol before? Did you add it using Shift+X text, or using a playing technique added from the panel in Write mode, or some other way?

I added it as a playing technique from the panel.

OK, I can see this too. I will need to investigate what has happened here – the only thing that makes sense to me is that the playing technique appearance is referring to the wrong glyph in the font, but I’m almost certain that I didn’t change these around. I will come back to you once I know more about what’s going on here. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime!

Thanks for looking into it. Looking forward to a solution!

Hey Daniel

That happened to me also, but only for some of the notes. Changing it to the closed sign from the brass playing techniques worked fine.

Yes, vilnai, changing to the stopped horn symbol is certainly a viable workaround if it’s only a matter of a few notes — but when you have a score with hundreds and hundreds of left-hand pizz. signs, it’s not a very appealing solution to the problem. (It could actually work if there were a ”search and replace” function for playing techniques, but I don’t think there is such a thing in Dorico at present?)

“Search and replace function” : that is a GREAT idea ! I use it all the time when editing in TeXShop my XeLaTeX documents, it is so powerful. I suppose Dorico will have that “in due time” :wink:

I tried this to solve by using filters. But this way I can only add the plus sign, not replace the wrong ones. It would be helpful when after deleting things above noteheads these notehads would be automaticly selected afterwards (like in Sibelius) to do other things with them (like adding other technics or so).

Well, I managed to cobble together a workaround for this problem, to tide me over until there’s a fix from Steinberg.

For anyone interested, here’s what I did: I downloaded a font editor, opened the Bravura font in the program, and replaced the thumb position glyph (uniE624) with a copy of the plus symbol glyph (uniE633). Then I saved the edited font, quit and reopened Dorico, and now my scores display correctly again.

Maybe this helps someone else, too (though obviously it won’t work if you’re also using the thumb position symbol anywhere).

any update? Just noticed this while trying to find the plus symbol for L.H. pizz. Hopeful it will make it into the Jan. bugfix update

(easy fix until then: use lyrics, enter + for each note, then put the lyric on top of the note)