Wrong translation of prefix for Instrument Changes (Italian Instrument names)

Hi, I found a mistake in the translation of the prefix naming of the instrument change when you have the instrument names set to italian. If you choose in the Layout Options/Player/Instrument Changes the default “To” it will display “Riporre” : that means “put down” in italian!!, and not “change-to” or “take-the-new-instrument” as logically should happen. You can customize it of course but I think would be good if the default naming would not suggest to put the instrument down instead of preparing it to play :slight_smile:

(Also if you change the language of Dorico altogether in Italian the button corresponding to"To" in the Opzioni di Layout/Musicisti/Cambi di strumento options says “Verso” (it means “to” witch make sense) but will also wrongly show in the parts “Riporre”.)

Thank you and as always I Love Dorico :slight_smile:

edit: actually “verso” means “towards” witch I am not sure it is the right terminology…


Thanks for this feedback, which I will pass to our Italian translator.

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If I am not wrong the correct way in Italian is “muta in”

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Other possibilities are “cambia in” or “passa a”

Thank you Daniel. Very glad to see that the changes are being made in the new version 4.3 :slight_smile: The Dorico team is the best!!!