Wrong translation of prefix for Instrument Changes (Italian Instrument names)

Hi, I found a mistake in the translation of the prefix naming of the instrument change when you have the instrument names set to italian. If you choose in the Layout Options/Player/Instrument Changes the default “To” it will display “Riporre” : that means “put down” in italian!!, and not “change-to” or “take-the-new-instrument” as logically should happen. You can customize it of course but I think would be good if the default naming would not suggest to put the instrument down instead of preparing it to play :slight_smile:

(Also if you change the language of Dorico altogether in Italian the button corresponding to"To" in the Opzioni di Layout/Musicisti/Cambi di strumento options says “Verso” (it means “to” witch make sense) but will also wrongly show in the parts “Riporre”.)

Thank you and as always I Love Dorico :slight_smile:

edit: actually “verso” means “towards” witch I am not sure it is the right terminology…


Thanks for this feedback, which I will pass to our Italian translator.

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If I am not wrong the correct way in Italian is “muta in”


Other possibilities are “cambia in” or “passa a”

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Thank you Daniel. Very glad to see that the changes are being made in the new version 4.3 :slight_smile: The Dorico team is the best!!!

I am using Dorico 5 and it still seems to be in English. Am I correct?
The project file was created with Dorico 4.3, then I am working with Dorico 5.
So I am not sure if this is supported in Dorico 5.
Please help me how to do this in Dorico 5.

The language used for instrument change labels will follow the instrument name language specified on the Language page of Engraving Options.