Wrong trial version of Dorico

I thought I downloaded the trial version of the latest Dorico Pro last night, and the eLicenser Control Center seems to think I did since it lists my license for Dorico Pro 2.2 Trial with an expiration date of 2019-02-26. But the version that seems to have been activated on my computer as shown under Dorico>About Dorico as What happened?

I tried the earlier version last year and was hoping to see the latest improvements in 2.2. From what I recall, no version was specified in the list of downloads. Just Dorico Pro and Dorico Elements.

You can have Dorico 1 and Dorico 2 installed on the same computer.

If you never DELETED the Dorico 1 trial, presumably that is what you (unintentionally) executed, instead of Dorico 2.

You don’t say whether your are on Windows or Mac, but on Windows both programs can be in the Start menu and you can have desktop icons for both as well.
Windows start menu.png
windows desktop.png

Thanks, Rob. If that is what happened, is there any recovery? There was no warning that I needed to uninstall an older trial version before downloading the new one. One would think that it would overwrite or supplement the old one, not activate it.

If 2.2 is showing on your soft licenser, everything should be fine. No, installing version 2 does not overwrite version 1. They can coexist.

Are you on Windows? If so, hit the windows key (to the left of the spacebar) and start to type “Dorico.” Do you not see “Dorico 2” appear in the popup? Or if you’re on Mac, check the… whatever it’s called. Finder, or Applications, or something. Can’t remember.

There’s an outside chance you’d need to install 2.2 again, but unlikely. You probably just need to launch the right one.

Oh, and you’ll be able to tell from the splash screen when you launch. It’ll clearly say “Dorico 2.”

Hi Dan. I am on Mac OS10.12. I did check my Applications folder and only one version of Dorico shows, the one I downloaded last year. I did a search of the computer and find no other Dorico application anywhere.

The opening screen says Dorico, not Dorico 2.

The eLicenser looks like this:
I assume that the red means expired.

About Dorico looks like this:
Dorico version.png
What is also curious is that I thought that one could only demo a version once. If I could access two versions on my computer, I would be demoing one of them twice.

And if I somehow selected an older version to demo, why is this even possible? Who would want to demo an older version?

Ok, I don’t think you have Dorico 2 installed (somehow). I would recommend running the Steinberg Download Assistant again and re-installing. Once you do, your licenser should detect it, since that part is already good to go.

I’ll try it again, Dan. But in bringing up the Dorico Pro 2 screen on the installer just now, I notice the Update to Dorico Pro 2.2 file at the bottom, which I remember installing along with the rest. So I definitely installed the correct files the first time.

I’m pretty sure the “Update to Dorico Pro 2.2” just gets you from 2.0 to 2.2. It doesn’t get you from 1.2 to 2.2.

I’'m not a Mac user but I think pianoleo is right, you need the full 2.2 installer.

Presumably, running the “2.2 updater” did nothing because it couldn’t find a version 2.0 or 2.1 to update.

It is working fine now. I actually only downloaded it the first time and didn’t actually install it. I guess the fact that the older trial version of Dorico appeared in the Applications (I had forgotten that I hadn’t trashed it) and was functional made me think that the program had installed itself automatically after I downloaded it. So it appears that one can indeed demo both versions for the 30-day trial.

Thanks to all for your help.