Wrong Turn (Remix)

Remix of Wrong Turn is available here:

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For that one, my focus was to clean and review some parts, based on some feedbacks from my son. And then , i tried to embed some movements into it.

You can still find the old version here for comparison purposes:

I couldn’t compare the two versions because when I click on the file in OneDrive, I get a message saying: Sorry, We had a problem uploading the video.

All the same, what I hear from this version is really very good. Keep up the good work Stephco.

Thanks Rene, Just did the correction. My bad.
Now the link above to “Public” seems to work OK

Thank you for the correction. I was able to hear both versions and they are really very different in terms of musical organization. The new version is much longer and with much more nuanced parts. We recognize the various themes and melodic and rhythmic motifs of the first version, but they are presented with much more subtlety. The new version of this complex work seems to me more intelligible as a whole. From a mixing point of view, it is more difficult to compare balance and instrumental definition. Finally, I prefer the second version, it is a work that I find better completed and exhaustive. Excellent work!

Very true. The new setup (monitors) opens for more precise & chirurgical decisions. In the end, i found it more mature, less raw. Thanks for your willing and comments.
Take care.

Good work again, Stephane. This sounded really good. I liked the fact that there seemed to be almost a “voice” or vocal part, and the electric piano sound at the end was nice too. You do all of the electronica and percussion parts so well that it’s a really nice contrast when these other elements come in to lay over that bed.

Well, that one is probably a new direction for the coming new tracks. I would love to have voices, but i don’t sing, and i simply have no experience in the area. I didn’t explore the usage of samples we can find here and there. Don’t know… if you have any idea on that matter, please share. I’m interested.

Love it. New version is fantastic. Old version was really good too, but new it better. Such good stuff.

Thank you Leon. Happy you enjoyed that final version.
I’m closing now on the last track of Overland. it will be probably ready beginning of August.
Take care.