Wrong upgrade option - Help!

I have asked this question twice using My Support but have had no responce, can anyone help?

I recently purchased an upgrade but inadvertantly purchased the wrong one. I bought Cubase Pro 8 Update from Cubase 7.5 when I should have bought Cubase Artist 8 Upgrade from Cubase Artist 7.5. The activation code I purchased will obviously not upgrade my product. As I have had no responce from Steinberg can anyone here offer a sloution?

the only 2 options are

  1. steinberg issues the proper license and refunds the price difference
    (doubtful if the return time period has expired in which case they may issue proper licence without refund)

  2. buy a full copy of cubase 7.5 from somewhere with either activation(new) or license transfer(used)

best of luck i think we’ve all clicked the wrong button at one time :wink:

You have to contact the store, not Steinberg. http://www.asknet.com/company/customer-support.html

Sorry to resurrect a (moderately) old post, but I have the exact same issue (selected the wrong product to upgrade by accident - obviously can’t register the license) and here’s the response I received from asknet:

Response Via Email (JP - Motoko Banji) 15/06/2015 06.37 AM
Dear Andrew

Thank you for contacting asknet Customer Service.

Our company hosts the online store of the company Steinberg. We are, therefore; only responsible for the order and delivery process.

Regarding to your question, we suggest you to contact Steinberg technical support directly by e-mailing to > info@steinberg.de > and ask for further help or you can send them cancelation request directly.

You should receive an email from a Steinberg representative agent within 24 to 48 hours.

Kind regards,

asknet Customer Service

So…despite what it says on all of the correspondence re: refunds on invoices and order confirmations, ultimately, it appears that Steinberg themselves have to approve a refund for asknet to process. Yes, I made a mistake, but I also want to purchase the correct product - I would assume that Steinberg would be reasonable and issue a refund. So far, no word from Steinberg.

Does anyone have any direct experience with receiving a refund from Steinberg? Am I following the right process? There’s some online German consumer act that guarantees a “Right to Revocation” after a 14-day grace period. I filled out the asknet form for a refund and (as you can see above), they passed it along to Steinberg.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Andrew,

we received your e-mail this morning, as well as the forward from Asknet in the early afternoon.

The order cancellation has been approved - you will receive a confirmation from Asknet when they process the request.

Kind regards,

Ciao Fabio,

Grazie mille! I honestly thought that the Asknet representative was mistaken in sending me back to Steinberg - I thought of a physical purchase at a reseller; normally, the reseller takes care of the refund - not the manufacturer.

So to summarize: the correct process is to contact Steinberg and not Asknet if you mistakenly ordered the wrong product and have not activated it yet.

I will order the correct upgrade right away.

Distinti saluti,

I think rather the Asknet rep did not read your message or he or she misunderstood it.

Ciao Andrea,

you are right, it’s the reseller who takes care of the refund, as it is by all means the sales contractual partner.

But in the specific case of Steinberg software, they need to further check with us if the activation code has been used before proceeding with the order cancellation.

When they receive such a request, they send the e-mail you have quoted and shortly after forward the request to us for approval.

In short, it is correct to contact Asknet for sales related question, but in the specific case of an order cancellation due to buying the wrong product, one could contact us directly - the outcome would be the same.


Dear sir,
Few weeks ago, i worngly bought cubase elements 10.5 update instead of upgrade versions.
Can i get the refund?