Wrong upgrade purchased, only support link to local aent who I did not purchase from

Hi Steinberg team. Back in October 2019 I purchased Cubase 10, I am pretty sure it came with a free upgrade to Cubase 10.5 and I thought I had upgraded to 10.5 but it was actually 10.0.5…

Thinking I had Cubase 10.5 I purchased an upgrade from 10.5 to 11 only to find the activation code wont work because I have 10.0.6 (after last update).
I have read through the forum and see that Steinberg has to instruct the asknet to change the upgrade and charge any additional fee but there is no Steinberg contact form for NZ, it just points me to the local agent who wasn’t involved in the upgrade purchase.
Please let me know how to contact Steinberg support from NZ.

No, this is not the case at all. If you post a link to the topic where you read that it would be most appreciated.

You should contact whomever you bought it from. Asknet handles Steinberg purchases, and your emailed receipt will tell you the info you need.

Thanks Steve, you actually commented on the thread I mentioned giving that advise with a link to asknet support which didn’t work (page not found), posted April 15th but the person asking the original question (same as mine) said he contacted Asknet and was advised that Steinberg would have to approve refund.

I never received the email but did take a screen grab of the purchase confirmation which had the download access code and order number. There was no email address as I didn’t receive the email and I could not find a contact form on the Asknet site I found from googling.

So to sum up: purchased from Steinberg online shop, no email received, no way to contact either Steinberg or Asknet that I could find.

Probably you’ll have better luck using the Steinberg website. The link is there.

Also, afaik, you have to login or create an account there in order to place the order.

OK thanks, will give that ago, its a US address and the advise on the Steinberg site stated you couldn’t contact the US site from my side of the world but fingers crossed!

Yes my account is valid in the shop and I can see activation code. I guess I was looking on the wrong portion of the Steinberg website for support as I just logged into the shop and found the contact form after reading your last gem of advice.
Thanks for your help and quick replies, greatly appreciated!!