Wrong Velocity input

Hi, I,m working on some piano peaces and recocnize, that the resulting velocity is not, what I play on my keyboard.
This results in totally bad sounding accords and levels between rhythm and melody.
When I play for test 8 times the same note, from ppp to fff, I get only some stuff arround 60/70 level.
When I do the same with cubase, everything is perfect.
Please help me to fix this problem.
I’m on Mac.
Thanks Joerg

you don’t say what piano you’re using but you’re probably using the wrong dynamic controller in your Expression Map – most likely it is set to a CC controller instead of velocity. You can’t assume that how hard you play your MIDI keyboard automatically corresponds to what you hear – you have to tell Dorico and Dorico performs your music according to the instructions in the Expression Map.

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thanks for response.
But I don’t understand what you ´mean with expression map in Dorico!?
I’m using a default ist from Dorico, a normal midi keyboard, which sends perfect velocity values to cubase.
But inside Dorico, it ends in what ever, but not the velocity I play :frowning:
Would it be not normal, that it works with Dorico the same way than with cubase?
BTW…the keyboard is connected per USB with my Mac Pro.
Thanks for help

have you actually set up your score with the instrument “piano”? If so, it should work fine with the default Halion SE VST – just tested to make sure. If not then reapply the default template (Play menu → Apply Playback Template–> HSSE +HS Pro.

You’ll need to learn about Expression Maps if using instruments from most third party vendors but here it should not be necessary if you’re just starting out with Dorico as it’s preprogrammed for you. Nevertheless, it worth reading the Expression Maps section in the manual (or even watch a tutorial video or two on the playback side)

Cubase and Dorico are very different products even if they share an audio engine. In your particular case with the piano, it should indeed work the same but that’s far from invariably the case.

Are you using step time or realtime input?

I’m using step input…

That is why… Real time input will use the velocity (and timing…) you play, while step input will only use the pitch you play.

oh wow, I´ll give it a try.
Is there no way to get it working with step input?
I’m not the best pianist :slight_smile:
But thanks so much for all your hints and help…

What you can do is edit the velocity lane in Play mode

You probably already know this, but you can also add dynamics to your score and affect the velocities that way.

What velocity you hear during step input does actually correspond to how hard you hit the keys which was my initial point but the other comments are of course also valid.