wrong version of dorico opening

hi there –

I’m on a MAC running OSX 10.14.6 and sometimes when I click to open Dorico from my dock, an unregistered version of Dorico SE opens up instead of Dorico Pro. I’m not sure why this happens – I do not have Dorico SE installed on this computer… thoughts?

thank you!

There is only one Dorico 3 application. It runs as SE, Elements or Pro dependent on which license is available. If your license is on a USB eLicenser, try a different USB port. Whether it’s on the USB eLicenser or the Soft eLicenser, run eLicenser Control Center and allow it to perform maintenance tasks, then try running Dorico again.

Got it - thank you! Maybe I tried to start Dorico too soon in my bootup process, so the licenser might’ve not kicked in… At any rate I’ve updated it now - thanks Leo!