Wrong Version ordered?

I just ordered Cubase 10 pro (as an upgrade from Cubase 9.5 pro). The order confirmation (#214197519) came back saying I’ve ordered the Cubase 9.5 from 9 upgrade - and paid for it, it seems. I already have Cubase 9.5! How can I rectify this?

Colin Macfarlane


The main issue is, you couldn’t activate it, because your Cubase 9.5 activation wouldn’t be taken as a correct source for the upgrade.

If you order it online from Steinberg web-shop (AskNet), get in touch directly with AskNet, please.

You contact the shop you ordered it from.

I did (it was the Steinberg ‘asknet’ web-store), but I got a generic ‘this site does not accept incoming emails’ message…


Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks - I’ve now had a ‘ticket received’ email.