Wrong way to make music?

I love that Matthias can’t help himself and has to correct people who say the most reasonable and broad things, and then tries to contradict those people. Did I say there are no definitions? NO. I said there are many of them, and none of them are all encompassing.

Music is a word that means whatever people think it means, if enough of them think it means something different than me, or than you, then that’s what it means.

If there was a wrong way to make music, and there was one definition of music, then music would be not worth doing. Music is our flaws.
Music is our limitations. Music is our emotions made audible. Music is all these things and more, but only if you believe that music is worth putting effort and time into, does it become something worthwhile.

Just like everything in life, Music is everything or nothing, or something in between, and what it is depends on what you make of it.

When you try to analyze it too much, you end up killing it. Witness Ben Shapiro ( a moron ) arguing that Rap is not music. Go away Ben Shapiro and all his clones. Are there people who think there are things that are music, and things that are not, and that it’s their job to gatekeep? Yes. Are they full of crap? Yes.

You’re welcome.

I didn’t say you said “there are no definitions”. Seems odd of you to bring this up.

That’s also true for the word “meaning”, which means that what music means doesn’t just depend on the definition of “music” but of “means”. So maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. Maybe music doesn’t mean whatever people think it means, because whatever you think “means” means isn’t what it means.

Isn’t it fun when words can mean any and all things? It’s so much easier to have a conversation when that’s the case.

You’re not contradicting me.

Just because we can’t conclusively define what music is doesn’t mean that we can’t define conclusively what isn’t music.

Fairly typical to throw out silly catchwords that are “de jour”, like “gatekeeping”. What artistic endeavors are Ben Shapiro “gatekeeping” by dissing Rap? Who’s the gatekeeper of music in general?

There’s a common thread in the objections like the ones I’ve addressed…

I think rather than contradicting we are both talking past each other. Your responses seem to me to be contradictions, not just to what I’m saying, but also to yourself, such as this one:

Just because we can’t conclusively define what music is doesn’t mean that we can’t define conclusively what isn’t music.

I’m going to leave that comment without any further comment as the capstone on the silliest conversation I’ve engaged in in many years.

If you think that’s a self-contradicting statement then you either don’t understand how language works or you don’t understand logic.

Ask yourself if music can be conclusively defined.
Ask yourself if a tomato can be conclusively defined as “not music”.

Of course you are.

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Fixed :smiley: I really need to update my soundcloud more often. I just finished my new track and received it back from mastering. I am about to do my own bandcamp page and redo my soundcloud page as well.

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Yes and no! First attempts can be the most purest and sometimes the best? But that goes mainly after you’ve found your way. You must first find ‘your sound’ and the way you want to sound, because music isn’t just about hitting notes? It’s about a lot of things. Music can be like a painting? First make a sketch and slowly along the way fill in the colors and details. That can take days, weeks, months or sometime years! Or it can also come to live in an instance and be done in a matter of hours.

The thing that haunts us the most as creators is “There is always a way to do things differently or maybe even better?”.

And this is mainly where the difference comes to light between pro’s en amateurs!

Pro’s have deadlines. They have have learned to work within time frames and consider options and possibilities within that restriction. They may have ideas about what could make this composition better? But they also have to deliver on time. So they make decisions within that timeline.

Amateurs can spend their entire lives trying to create one simple song and always come up with different ways to do this and never ever make a final dissension?

So you see, there are a lot of aspects on creating music. It’s not as simple as ‘the fist is always best’.

For me ‘creation’ or composing in my case, is like being in a roller coaster! I can take you to highs where you feel no one could’ve ever been there ever before. But it can also take you to extreme lows where you have the feeling you ended up in hell and no escape from this darkness seems ever possible! So it can be both a blessing or a curse sometimes. But ignoring it and trying to escape these moods also feels like hell after a while so I actually have no choice than to create whenever I feel this urge.

First of all, it certainly doesn’t hold Omnisphere back. It’s fine, but in making music, you don’t have to be good. Second, I believe you try too hard. You’re never going to get the perfect synth, the perfect pad sound or something. You can vote for anything in many, many ways. Start adding a drum if you have a melody, so you’ll have a little view of how the beat goes. Don’t worry too hard. Don’t surmount too much.

I am ribbed about two events by an ex-composer, one called the “best solo ever performed in wrong tone” and the other called the “deadhead phonist.” The second verse yells out “second verse identical to the first,” singing the first verse and then launching instantly in the third verse.

Wrong post I think?

Personally, when I listen to a new song or album, I will sit down and close my eyes and just listen. Literally, I just try and think no thoughts, and let the music surround me. I’ve found this method lets me understand why an artist/songwriter/composer makes the choices they do for a song a lot faster.

I just listened to your tracks, and I don’t know why you are selling yourself short.
I can only imagine what you’ll sound like once you start believing in your art - everything I heard is freakin’ EXCELLENT!