Wrongly condensed multibar rest hides music in divisi part

I have a divisi section in a part in which a multibar rest is wrongly created and hides the music within.

Here’s a sample project showing the problem.
Bug multimeasure rest.dorico (877.7 KB)

Very strange behaviour!
I have no idea what is causing this issue, but I have one observation to make which might be a clue for someone with more experience and knowledge.
When I double-clicked on the Divisi signpost at the start of bar 10, in the “Change Divisi” window which opens up I noticed that the “Solo” player is a Single Player and the “2” and “3” players are Section Players.

Hello Steven.
I do have a soloist and 2 section divisi, however, I see that the section staves are “1” and “2”, as expected, and not “2” and “3”.

You’re quite right, Lucas. I was probably thinking of them as 2nd and 3rd players and got their labels wrong when I typed my reply.

Looks like a bug in multi-bar rest detection when divisi condensing is enabled. Leave it with me: I’ll make sure it gets fixed.


Thanks Daniel, as always!

Hi there! I’ve noticing a similar bug for a few weeks now. It was there before the update for sure. It seems that for some reason in my condensed score my Ob. 1 part condenses with Ob. 2 but right before they play in unison, there’s a solo passage for Ob. 1 which falls in the same (condensed) staff—the condensed score does not show any music in that bar (b. 95), which the uncondensed score and the part do show. A passage in Ob. 1 also gets hidden about ten bars before (b. 85) with condensing activated. I haven’t been able to fix any of these instances except by making a condensing change and manually telling Dorico not to condense at all for that page.

This is the Ob. 1 part.

This is how the condensed score looks like if Ob. 1 and 2 are condensed into a single staff (which in theory should be doable).

This is what the condensed score looks like with my fix (which is basically not allowing Dorico to condense Ob. 1 and 2 and forcing them into two separate staves).

I’d be happy to share my project by private message with you, @dspreadbury if that helps. I can’t share it here now (publicly) without breaking several agreements involving this piece.

Does by chance the Oboe 2 double to English horn? Because if it does, it may be a known limitation of Dorico, where only the first instrument of a player condenses, and the rest give weird results like hiding music entirely.
I’ve had this problem myself in the same project that I’ve posted in this thread. I’ve solved it temporarily while waiting for propper condensing of doubling instruments by placing system breaks and hiding the doubling instrument. Voilà, music reappears.

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Hi, Lucas. Yes, Oboe 2 doubles to English horn in this piece—but not in this passage.

In some places it does condense as it should, although I sometimes have to force it to condense to achieve appropriate results. Yet other times, however, it refuses to produce accurate results—like the ones I mentioned in my previous post—except by not allowing it to condense at all. The real worry is missing one of those times it hides the music in the score, I guess.

For now I have found that playing with manual condensing and staff visibility I can often dance around the issue quite successfully. Thanks for the tip!

You’re welcome! I think you’ll find this happens when, even the E.H. not being active, was active in the last passage of music for that player and, as such, the staff hasn’t yet switched to Oboe 2. At least, that was the case with me.

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Yes, unfortunately at the present time there is a significant limitation in condensing for players holding multiple instruments: only the first instrument held by the player can participate in condensing at all.

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Hello again, Daniel. I see this still hasn’t been fixed. I’d like to know if a fix is planned for soon, even within the Dorico 4 lifecycle now that it’s approaching its end, or if I have to find a workaround for now (suggestions are welcome).

We aren’t planning any further feature releases in the Dorico 4.x cycle, so the soonest this could possibly be addressed would be in the next major update. We’re still in the planning stages for that update, but this is certainly the highest priority item for future development of the condensing feature.

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