Wrongly flipped note

I’d be grateful if someone could explain why the D (upper voice, beat 1, bar 53) won’t flip up.
Also why when I enter the dotted half note E in the lower voice in bar 54 why the upper voice suddenly flips down. Many thanks.
Fenaroli - Partimenti - Bk 1.dorico (781.4 KB)

It’s a tied note, you have to flip it in Engrave, but it flips fine there.

Hmm, I don’t see a dotted half E in bar 54 so I’m not exactly sure what you are referring to, but you have your stem direction set to Determine by Context. Perhaps you need to try Default Direction there.

I entered the dotted half note on E in bar 54 using the Voice (Shift - V) command and it did seem to enter OK. I tried it on the E above the C# and below and it didn’t change the direction of the stem. However, I did leave it on the lower E and flip the stem which lined up the two notes visually. On bar 53 the work around solution was to delete the D on bar 52 and re-enter it as two quarter notes as the last beat of 52 and the first beat of 53. I then flipped the stems of both upwards and then tied them together.

Doug :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your help Doug and Fred. I’ve made the adjustments that you suggest and they worked., But I’m not sure I understood the logic of why these voices ended up the way they did.

Not sure what you saw on the bar 54 question, but on the bar 53 question that had to do with the bar 52 note being a half note and when it was split between bar 52 & 53 it became gained the appearance of two quarter notes tied together. And for some reason, Dorico will only deal with the starting note in this instance. That is, if you slid the note into bar 53 it would again appear as a half note or moved it back a beat into bar 52 it would, again, become a half note. With my suggestion, it will do the same thing and once tied together it will behave the same way as your initial problem. However, playing around with this I discovered that if you took your initial tied note and cut the tie, you can flip the two stems and retie them and also get what you want.

Doug :slight_smile:

Hi Doug, the last suggestioin is what I did to solve the issue!

Glad I could help! I haven’t had this program for very long (a couple of months), but playing around with things I inadvertently stumble across a solution to problem.

Doug :slight_smile: