WTF? Click track in Cubase is reverse polarity!!

I love this forum, it always has at least one thread that makes me laugh. Now if the extratone thread could get re-started I’d be very happy!
I wonder if this thread is just a roos(sic)? :smiley:

See. Music therapy doesn’t work. They escape the institution thru their computers. :mrgreen:

It’s not the click that’s out of phase, it’s the reverse phase effect of the chemicals on the ear canal. :laughing:


I see, you have bought this cricket device that sends out a pulse and measures the result via cables and speakers to check for correct wiring, etc.

You are now throwing everything you have at the receiving unit and determining the results, this seems way off spec.

The cubase click for example is not the correct reference source, neither are drum loops.

ive never have used the cubase “click”. Ever since the atari days ive always assigned the “click” to a unused midi channel and had the sound of my choice as the “click” but to be so pedantic to say the cubase is “useless” until its sorted is like parachuting off Everest using a pair 3 month old unwashed y fronts as your parachute .Total crap ive used reverse phase sounds and never had complaints and i can still use cubase and “click” to vocal booths with out the vocalist falling to the floor in a temper tantrum !

so my 2 cents worth is , chill use your own sounds or buy FL

the freak

erm… I use the click sound of logic-lousy daw-audio (if one knows the click…) in cubendo since years.

and it works very well. :wink:

my 2 clicks

split - If I have a device that has a mic on it, and that mic has a diaphram that can sense and also indicate a forward pulse from a speaker, and I play only the material in question (the click track in this case), then I can see whether the material is forward polarity or reverse polarity. It doesn’t matter that I don’t use the cricket send unit, all that does is send a known forward polarity signal.

And you may never see the need for such a tool, I understand. For me, it has been a life saver in live sound situations and recording. I can quickly isolate tracks when I hear a problem and actually see what is going on. This is different than making channel phase/polarity decisions based on the ear, even as good as your ears might be. Honestly, I think someone should make a software program that could do this in a DAW, although the cricket is easy enough to use.

Oh, and making the audio tracks to replace the click in Cubase is not so easy. I am now trying hand percussion instruments but I think there may be an issue with the way Cubase puts the audio file into the metronome. The wave file has no tail, but the insert process creates one. It’s like ‘POP-ta’, instead of ‘POP’. Not good so far.

Well you can see a waveform in cubase and determine whether the leading edge is positive or negative going.

I find a cowbell to be very good for a click!

Oh, and the frequency of the stock cubase clicks are high enough to make no difference as to whether the leading edge is positive or negative going.

We may like to make sure things like kick drums start with a positive edge.

nice and useful, indeed!
And the dance/trance/chance producers uses a TR909-BD for a click, some say… :mrgreen:

ok, here are lovely cowbells:
I think, the 1st one is the best for daw click.

And if you use two tracks for the click you just reverse the phase of one and you can’t hear it any more.
Saves hitting C all the time.

I saw a DVD with 4.5Gb ‘metronome clicks’ on it the other day… Go figure!