WTF Cubase?? Renaming Pool files Screws Up Clips

Using Cubase 10.5.20.

I am TRYING to make some samples for a Kontakt instrument. I recorded the samples to different audio tracks in Cubase.

I want to rename each of the sample files to include its corresponding key name. So I right click the clip in Cubase, choose “Find in the Pool”, then edit the file name there (double-click the file name).

Now Cubase f***s up the clips and no longer has the correct samples per clip.

WTF ???

Can anyone confirm that this is a problem that needs addressing?

I can not simply rename the file in media pool ( cubase 10.5.20 )

finally I managed to rename the file but it disappeared from the project. Neither in pool nor anywhere. WTF ???

In my case the files are there, but Cubase doesn’t use the correct file for the formally associated audio clips.