WTF is this crash now?

I don’t recall clocking a game of solitaire in Cubase?!?!

A “serious” problem has occurred. Wtf.

Whoa! I had one of these about a week ago. I was using direct off-line processing on two selected clips, and applying Valhalla Vintage Verb on those. I was going too fast back and forth tweaking, until I got one of these, the plug must have crashed 70 times, I got an amount of pop ups as worthy as yours. It crashed that bad that the plug was asking me for its activation again. It was the first time I’d seen something like this. Yours is the second.

After a restart, all worked ok. So I didn’t bother sending the crash dump(s). In fact I didn’t even check if there were any crash dumps.

So, probably a plug-in.

I think I opened the export audio window. It was on a heavy-plugin project.

Argh, never seen that before.

Can you upload one of the crash dump files please?

May be they tell more about the problem

oh,…its a classic one!

Cubase 64bit 2022.12.18 (2.9 MB)

I think this is the crash dump file.

To me (without being able to read your crash dump) it looks like your Cpu was struggling while you moved the error box , so possible system overload (system spec would be helpful )

Mine didn’t produce a crash dump.

But it’s not just graphical (afterimages of one window). I had to click ok on aaalll of these windows until they went away.

Did not move the error box. The windows just popped up one after the other very quickly.

Ok, this one ends deep in Cubase Code, so no plugin or something like that.

That is something where I can’t help with further ideas, this needs access to the code. You need to contact Steinberg with this problem.

Thanks @JuergenP

I would like to alert you to this type of crash (or similar), which another user described as lying ‘deep in Cubase code’. I have a feeling if this kind of crash gets solved, a lot of users will become happier.


Steve, maybe you can answer this please.

When we are prompted to send the crash dump after a crash at the safe mode splash screen, do these dumps go to support or to another channel?

In this particular case, I don’t seem to have crash-dumps that correspond to the time of the crash, so I can’t help.

My understanding is that crash dumps sent via the safe mode dialog go to the Steinberg development team, and are automatically entered into an automated queue where they are resolved (analysis is done) and listed in an internal db.


Thank you very much. I will keep sending those as soon as the opportunity arises then.

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Also, I presume they have deeper tools that can examine the crashes in more detail than the utility commonly used here, WinDbg Preview.

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cool info thanks

for some reason I thought you were with Steinberg.

I guess that depends on the definition of with lol.

Heck I’m with Steinberg. Really rooting for 'em.