WTF? My Cubase Just Totally Reset

Okay, I have no idea what just happened.

This morning I started up Cubase 7.0.6 (no, I haven’t upgraded because I’m working on a major project and can’t afford to take the chance of downtime) and first it asked me what sound driver I wanted to use.

Then when the main screen came up, all my recent projects were gone, defaulting to the “recording” options.

Then when the work area loaded it asked me if I wanted to register my product.

The screen looks totally different, as if it’s gone back to whatever the default settings were.

WTF just happened and how do I fix this?

** EDIT ** Just discovered that my mod wheel from my Axiom AIR 49 is now routed to main volume control. I closed Cubase and loaded Reaper, which I am now seriously considering switching to even though it means a huge learning curve to use it, and the mod wheel works fine the way it’s supposed to.


AFAIK this can happen after a bad close down like for example shutting the computer down while cubase is still open or a crash. The preferences are then corrupted or not saved and cubase starts afresh. One way to prevent this is have a backup of the cubase preferences folder. A while ago I had this because of a shut-down while cubase was open (minimised) Cubase did not have the time to shut-down properly before the computer was off.
Hope this helps toward the future. And don’t shoot the messenger here, just another cubase user…

Okay, 2 questions.

  1. Where is the Cubase preferences folder?

  2. If I can’t find it, how do I get the mod wheel not to control main volume anymore?

That’s really all I care about.

Took me almost 5 hours but got it to work.

TLDR - I updated to 7.0.7 and completely reinstalled Axiom and resetup from scratch in Cubase. So not just preferences trashed but Axiom drivers or whatever as well.

I’ll know for the future should this happen again.

Are you still wondering where the ‘Preferences’ folder is located?

I’ve had to replace mine a few times, as Cubase just seems to do whatever it wants in this regard, so I have a ‘Preferences’ folder saved on a different external disk, and just replace it now & then.

So it’s good to know where it is for the future.

I recommend saving a copy of it to another drive, once you have things setup the way you like.