WTF - Nuendo not able to Export...

I am not using Realtime Export very often. Because I was never satisfied with this basic feature I am usually using a recorder Plugin in the master slot or just doing internal rerecording.

But from time I use integrated export, for example just now:

Working over the day on orchestral programming in GPlayer - now I am done and want to export the 16 stereo-tracks to audiofiles (for mixing).

Doing the internal offline multitrack export - complete freeze of Nuendo. Hard to hardclose via Taskmanager.
Recently I tried to use Cycle Marker export… - same thing.

In the moment I am waiting for a realtime export - seems to work. Plan B would be to re-record to new tracks.

Why is Nuendo not able to perform basic tasks?!! It is allways VERY important to safe/ctrl+alt+safe before doing any export type of stuff because most likely Nuendo will crash or freeze during that.

So booring!!! Waiting for a 30GB project with 300 tracks to open again… checking stuff… setting up the export again… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr f*ck

btw - where is the audio during realtime-export? It is silent… and there is no slider on that process window… am I missing something?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah damn!!! I hate hate hate… forgot to safe - just exporting 8 bars of piano, two shitty tracks… freeze. this drives me completely mad. Sorry for that kind of typing, but after 14h @ 1:00 am it is not funny to deal with bugs like this.

Buffer at 1024 samples, everything runs solid like hell, was 13,5h working on a project with 300 audiotracks and 50min length, CPU at 50%…

Waiting for opening the bak file…