I get that “beat” programmers want to tediously slice and dice and fidget and tweak with every imaginable aspect of the latest and greatest Groove Agent incarnation and that’s great. However what about those of us that would simply like to put some “drums” on one of our compositions without having to give up in disgust trying to lay down a simple groove? Groove agent 2 now there was a concept! lol. Is there anything in 4.5 or now 5 that “dummies down” the current monstrosities called Groove Agent so people that just want some drums can use it? And forget about any simple youTube tutorials if you can find them in any kind of order such as 1-10 or whatever. Anyway sorry for venting I’m sure it’s a great program for those that create the beats of today.Thanks

The patterns are quite easy to use and construct drum tracks

Any video links or sections in the manual you can point me towards would be greatly appreciated. I have latest version of GA 4 now. Thx

Nine minutes that will change your life: Triggering Drum Patterns in Groove Agent

Thx Looks good I will check it out!


Just search groove agent on you tube. But it’s easy once you get the hang of it, just go to the pattern bank in groove agent, drag and drop the patterns you like into the project window