WTH? I can't edit FX Sends anymore!

It was annoying enough having to use the EDIT EFFECT button in the au sends. http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=194&t=53680 but now, I can’t get it to show up in the menu at all (See screen shot)!

All I can do is load the FX but I can’t open the FX for editing anymore. What’s going on?!!?

Here’s a screen shot of a project before the one that omitted the EDIT FX option.

Notice that it is not even activated! I just loaded it iin the aux bus. While the one that was activated in my original post offers no such option. Why is this happening?

No idea why that isn’t showing up…

A Shortcut though:
Alt+Double Click on the FX Send.

Thanks that was a BIG HELP! :mrgreen: I’m guessing my file was some how corrupted. When I re-loaded it from scratch, the menu option returned. But I have always hated having to use that menu option!! I preferred to double click on the FX window the same way I could with the inserts. Now, thanks to your tip, I can return to doing just that!!

Just noticed we are both using the DA7.
I just setup a nice channel control template for the generic remote.
I am planning on replacing mine but it is hard to find something
with all the features and build quality that the DA7 has.
Not to mention the sound quality.

What a console huh?