Wy is it so difficult?

To let a plugin pop up if I press on it in the mixerconsole
double clicking is terrible!
strange on/of button on the left
still the plugin disappears underneath the mixer console…

a real workflow killer, please make it the same as in previous versions,
this is no progression in my opion, this is a pain in….my right arm

I feel your pain!


It’s probably easier than a spell check lollll :laughing:


I’m not english, sorry if I offended your beautiful language in any way
but thats not the reason why I posted this

Yeah this is the one thing I was hoping would have been fixed in this update but nope. I’ll just keep waiting. I hate having to close and re-open my plugins to get them to show again. :imp:

Buy a Kensington 4 ear track ball.

I have my top left mouse ear programmed so 1 click = 2 clicks.

There are so many other things in general on a workstation that require two clicks so I use it all the time for genral file navigation.

Then if any DAW features needs two clicks I only have to click once - it means never having to click twice - ever again - for anything.

Highly recommend one.

+1 on the Kensington Trackball. There is no input device more ergonomic, and they are built to last. I have been using a model 64213 for like 6 years, still working great, and just bought the newer model 64325, it is even better. 4 buttons with chording so it’s effectively 6 buttons, a billiard ball sized trackball, and a scroll ring. Very precise tracking.

I know, that was off topic. But I never have think or get mad about double/single click.


Aw, didn’t mean to offend, I was just kidding and actually helping your point :wink:


Try the little routine from Mud, its a tiny little utilty that sits in a folder on the desktop, just run it before you start Cubase.

It install on a system, it and you can use it not when you chose, it keeps all the insert and send effects floating on top of MC!

It works brilliantly!