X.5 upgrade?

I know this is probably a typical complaint…but I JUST bought Cubase like a couple months ago, and I already have to upgrade and shell out another $60??

I waited until Cubase 9 was available for DEMO which took a while. Then demo-ed it for 30 days, then 60 days later it already expired.I’m sure there are many others in my same situation.

Cubase is already pretty expensive to start with. Logic X would offer this type of thing for free. I think the whole x.5 thing is pretty dumb.

Actually I guess I am saying I’m probably not going to upgrade (I’ll wait for Cubase 10)…but it would of been nice to just get these features free as a Cubase 9 owner.

Not trying to start a moan fest, just in my opinion this get thumbs down.

Comparing it to Logic that comes with the most expensive overpriced dongle (a Mac) is not fair.
They don’t make money on their software.
Like Reaper that is owned by a multimillionaire that has this as his hobby/passion.
The Cubase .5 upgrades are the most valuable, they are cheap and will reduce the upgrade cost if you plan on upgrading to Cubase 10 when it arrives in a years time.

Yes - life can be hard sometimes, but you´re wrong - you don´t have to if you don´t want to.

That won´t make a difference anyway - you pay the same as updating to 9.5 now, and then later updating to 10.
Buying 9.5 now, and activating it when 10 is out will save you some Money.

If you don’t want to upgrade then don’t, you have 9 which has had 5 updates on it for free.

You should use Logic. I remember paying $1,000 for Logic back when. Apple gives it away so you buy a new shiny Mac.

If you wait for 10 you will pay the SAME cost total anyway so pay a little now or a bunch later, your choice.

Thumbs down is complaining about a $59 cost for a buttload of feature requests we have all had for YEARS.

Logics next version will cost you full price, just saying. Im a logic user too here

Reaper is what you want if you like cheap and $60 buys you full version through a couple version numbers.

Wait wait wait…really? This changes everything.

I was assuming I would have to pay like double if I go the route of 9.5 then 10? If it the same…then yeh sure. Bring it on! I’ll update now.