X-keys Jog & Shuttle Pro as a Controller

Would want to make life easier with a dedicated keys and wheel controller pad :stuck_out_tongue:

For those of you who have tried:
Does the X-keys® Jog & Shuttle Pro’s Jog and Shuttle wheel work well in Nuendo?
Thought it could work well as a scrub control while editing.
Is it difficult to program?


Save your dough and just pick up the Avid Transport.

I am thinking to use it in conjunction with a SSL Nucleus, and use the buttons for my most used commands and macros.
So I just wanted to know if the X-keys work well.


I was wondering the same thing. I found a post where the joy stick worked in Nuendo, but it was an older post. Just want to know if the x-keys joystick and jog wheel work with N5.

I’ve got an X-keys, and it works fine. It basically just uses regular keycommands, but with the benefit of sticking your own labels on keys and having it all neatly together. I love the keys, they are very tactile and even though I also have a Euphonix MC Control on which I use the touch screen a lot, the X-keys is better for repeated actions as you get the key response from a normal keyboard.

Downsides? Nuendo isn’t great with alt-shift combinations and you might have to program in a teeny delay on the x-keys unit when keys are executed, otherwise Nuendo might miss the fact that a shift or control key was pressed with a regular key.