x-keys w/ cubendo


anyone using one of the x-keys models to fire off commands / macros in cubase or nuendo?

what are your experiences?

seems like a much more versatile alternative to the steinberg controllers…


I’m not using these gadgets, but as they are able to send keystrokes (and sequences) to applications, they should be able to control everything you can with any key commands (or sequences of key commands).

I’ve been using one for years. I wouldn’t think about not having it. You can customize the key caps with your own graphics and put whatever keyboard shortcuts you normally use. Dramatically increased my workflow. Besides, you can hit ctrl-KEY and alt-KEY commands with one finger.

Another nice feature is that whenever any keyboard shortcuts get changed by SB, it is still ALWAYS in the same place on my x-keys. You can see a picture of mine under my post here…



good stuff, cheers! i think i’m going to end up with one of their models, would like to use it in conjunction with autohotkey to mimic mouse movements and button presses to overcome the numerous shortcomings of cubendo’s macro programming.