X-Mas sale - SWA Complete Cubase 6 tutorial only $19.99!!

Hi Folks,

Thought I would drop by to let everybody know about 1 of our two specials from now till X-Mas.

Streamworks Audio’s SWA Complete Cubase 6 video tutorial for only $19.99!!

Cubase 6 Complete provides more than two hours of tutorials that build on the Quick Start videos that came with Cubase 6. Your purchase of SWA Complete Cubase 6 includes checklists, jacket templates, key maps and more, plus two free demo projects to work with.

These videos are intended for the intermediate to advanced Cubase User in the project or professional studio environment, or the home enthusiast who wants to get professional results in less time and fully utilize everything Cubase 6 has to offer.

For more info and to view a sample video visit: http://streamworksaudio.com/products/cubase6-complete


I had been away from Cubase for a while (years) and used these vids to revise - thye were comprehensive and useful

I just watched the sample clip from their website and it seems more like an ad for cubase than an informative, in-depth tutorial. Very ambiguous as far as individual features.

Am I missing something?

Am I missing something - yes. :slight_smile:

they are comprehensive and informative videos -very well presented too

Just bought it. Much more useful for someone who is not very familiar with Cubase. It has clarified a FEW things for me. Definitely worth $20 if you aren’t familiar with Cubase :slight_smile:

I must say very honestly that “Complete” Cubase is very misleading. They hardly cover all of the features in Cubase. In fact, I would say it’s more like half of the features and this is a generous description.

I’m not bashing this tutorial as it IS helpful, but I want people to be aware of what they are really buying before they drop $20 like I did. A lot of the features in Cubase where the description is vague in the user manual are completely overlooked. I was hoping for more of a “complete” tutorial…

Also a side note, the chapters are poorly named with chapter “Fifteen” being spelled out and the rest being ##. And what’s with the random “blank” chapter 17 at the beginning of the file??? The chapter 1 is labeled but goes directly into chapter 17…

We will have to fix this! :smiley:


So what does the price go up to after Thanksgiving?

Edit Fixed

The regular price is $29.99


Hi folks,

It is that time of year again! Christmas! And 'tis the season to save at Streamworks Audio, and with that our acclaimed SWA Complete Cubase 6 video is once again on sale for only $19.99.

Find out more at http://streamworksaudio.com/ where our site is now looking a lot like Christmas :wink:


I tried to set up an account and the ID that was emailed to me does not work.
Does this video show how to set up the control room to monitor a live band plus send the vocals to reverb? Is there latency when doing this? I have a UR824 and cubase disables the internal mixer.


Do you mean the activation code that was sent to you? Please send me a PM and I will see if I can help you with this.