X offset on all hairpins

I can offset the start and end of a particular hairpin in Engrave move, but how do I do it for all, or better, is there a general setting for these offset? TIA.

What’s the context? Is this so they stop before barlines? If so there’s a default for that in Engraving Options > Dynamics.

The start of < starts on the left side of the note head. That is ok. The < ends ‘too early’ for my taste and I adjusted the first to show the difference

Could this change be made on all hairpins in one setting?

You will get different results depending on how you choose to input the hairpin…

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OK. But how do I get the dotted line (on the end point) to align with the right side of the note?

I put the “grid” to 1/16th and that worked. Is this the suggested method?

It goes a bit too far, about 1/10th of a space, but it’s OK. The left alignment is however perfect. Perhaps the right alignment can be fixed in future updates.

What do you mean ‘fixed’?

As in ‘corrected’.

It’s unclear to me where I stop the crescendo.

Assuming there’s about 4 spaces following the last chord before the next note, does this mean I stop the crescendo after a fifth of its total duration?

If I crescendo through all of the last note, then the hairpin ought to extend further into its duration.
If I stop before the last note, then the hairpin ought to stop before the last note.

Weren’t you arguing for right-alignment recently?

Hairpins: ending on right-end of note? - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

I was querying that option; and the consensus in discussion here and elsewhere seemed to be against it.

This was discussed recently.

I think it’s odd that aligning hairpins in this way wasn’t an option from the start. In Behind Bars, Elaine Gould wrote ‘Good practice is to start the hairpin on the left-hand edge of the note and to finish it on the right-hand edge of a note’, and it’s been common practice.

Increasing the resolution of the grid or making changes in Engrave mode is all you can do.

Re-reading the thread, nobody seems to have been against it.