X-Touch causes Cubase to hang

Does this only happen for you with a second Mackie device controller attached?

In ‘studio setup’ do you/did you have two Mackie control devices activated, Mackie Control and Mackie Control 2? Hardware I.e. UF8 + UF8 or other Mackie controller.

Does all work fine and as expected with just a single Mackie device connected?

@Martin.Jirsak Any further updates? Thanks

@BenniSkyline reported via PM the same issue, same conditions. It would be really helpful to know if anyone else has this issue.


Sorry, I have other priorities. But now I’m back on this.

Thank you for the detailed description, @SteveBee.

I can reproduce it now, if:

  • 2 Mackie Devices are involved (in fact, they even don’t have to be connected; it’s enough, if 2 Mackie Devices are in the Devices Setup list).
  • There are more than 16 tracks in the project.
  • I press Shift + Group/FX/Instrument/MIDI/IO.

=> Cubase freezes. I managed to make it even crash, so I have a *.crash file to provide.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Hi Martin,

Greatly appreciate your input on this. Thanks for helping to confirm the issue. :slight_smile:

Has this been posted in Jira? If so is there a link you can share here or via PM?


Sorry the JIRA links are not public.

Hi, ok, no problem :slight_smile:

Hi Martin can you PM me the Jira number for this issue so I can login and follow it, as I’m keen to know how things are progressing. Thanks


Sorry, you won’t see it in JIRA.

Hi Martin, no worries. Do you happen to know how a fix is progressing?

@Martin.Jirsak Any update on this one? Thx


I’m sorry, I don’t know, if I’m allowed to share the information. Did you sign NDA with Steinberg, please?

Not sure. Would that have been part of signing up to be a part of the beta team and having Jira access or is the NDA a separate unrelated thing?

Let me know if you’d prefer to discuss via DM

Edit: Just found an email. Yes to NDA


I sent you PM, I’m not allowed share these informations publicly.