X touch compact and Cubase 9.5 Problem!

I can’t get the CC data to work with X touch compact in Cubase 9.5?

  • Mackie mod or standard mod?

  • Usb or midi connection?

  • how to set up cc data in Mackie mod in Cubase?

  • Cubase 9.5, Win 10 CU

Please any advice is welcome:-)


Thanks for your answer, but it do not work for cc data in the key editor, for mixing audio track it works fine, strange.

Can you control automation on regular tracks?

There is something strange going on, at first I could do Automation data in the arrange window, and that do not work now.
I can see the midi I/O active but nothing happens .
In the X-Touch editor should I have Mc mod or standard mode?
I have programmed the touch-faders for the CC-data I want to send in standard mod.
Cubase is set to Mackie Control to the X-touch.

I don’t have an x-touch but have used one for a few days. It should just work in MC mode. Something else is going on.

It works on the audio channel not on the midi tracks…

I got everything to work in the arrange window not in the key editor, is there a midi mode or…?

there’s a setting on Cubase to use automation lanes for CC. It’s in the MIDI menu.

Thanks I will check ASAP:-)

Cant not find a solution in Midi meny in cubase, I’m not sure what you ref to?

In the MIDI menu there is “CC Automation Setup” or something like that. You don’t see that?

Yes I do but that do not help me, Problem is I want o write CC data Cc1-Cc58 and so on and the only CC I can write is CC7 in the arrange window, I’m I totally gone… or whats the problem…:slight_smile:

Is there a “midi mode” for the X-touch so fader have their own CC assign?

No clue, but here I just set two random CC to write mode and wrote CC data as MIDI track automation. Basically if your controller can control any other automation, it should be able to write the CC lane data when exposed as host automation as below. The x touch won’t know it as CC data.
EDIT: In case it isn’t obvious the picture shows automation written for CC 53 and 63… I just picked those at random.

Thanks for the pic, Yes I see, In the x-touch editor there is a standard mode and the possibility to assign CC number to the Fader, not in the Mc mode, so I presume that function have to be done in Cubase?

I think I may have figured out your confusion … It seems you don’t quite grasp the difference between host automation and CC automation.

CC automation will require the input device to be set to the CC number you want to capture as automation. This will show up in the CC lanes of the MIDI track. This would mean you have to reset/configure the output assignment of the faders on the x-touch for each CC you want to automate. As Eddie62 was pointing out, that would require the x touch have a MIDI mode. This is normally NOT what you would do with something like the x touch for host control.

What you want is what my picture shows. This is Host automation, which is what the x touch is specifically designed to do in controller mode.

It just happens that Cubase has that option I was showing you that allows CC data to be merged into the host automation line. For example, I have a workstation keyboard where I can do drawbar automation as CC. But it’s easier to edit and redraw in Cubase using a controller on the host automation lanes. So, I use the function to merge the CC data captured on the MIDI track during record, onto the host automation lane for later editing with a remote control device … in my case it’s mostly CMCs, in your case it would be the x touch.

Thanks for your time,I think I understand you, problem is I cant get the host automation to work except CC7, when I change the CC parameter nothing happens…
Yes I have done all my CC data from the drawbar o my keyboard, it works okey, there always need to redraw some CC data… I try and see were I’m going with this:-)

hmm good luck. Maybe try the Behringer boards. Maybe they will have better info. The CC # of a host automation lane should not matter if it is in MCU mode. It should only see it set to write mode and get on with it. It shouldn’t be able to see what the automation lane is pointed at. Volume, Pan, CC whatever should be invisible at the point of automation writing.