X-Touch (+Extender) MIDI Remote Script (MCU mode)

Excellent, thanks! :blush:

Anyone got the functions buttons F1 to F8 to open inserts from slot 1 to 8 on a selected track?

Hello bjoluc and hello to everyone
Is there a way to limit the switching of tracks on an X-touch+extender to 8 per bank instead of 16 tracks and if so, where can I change this in the script? I would like this one better. Thanks in advance
Greetings Crincy

Hi @Crincy, currently not, I’m afraid:

thanks again for the quick answer.
I kept an eye on this thread but I must have missed the answer above :-((
Maybe Steinberg will change this at some point.
Whatever → But as always → great work and service from you
greetings Chriss

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A useful addition on YouTube:

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Wird! On my PC the x-touch is gone whenever I restart Cubase or open a new/empty project. Only if I have set up the X-touch in a project once, it appears again automatically when I reload it, including the Midi In/Out assignment. It looks to me as if the Xtouch is integrated at project level, but never globally. What am I doing wrong?
Obviously for other users it’ll show up evene in new projects, right?

Hi that’s really cool, I’m testing it, ad is wonderful, two more request/question if is possible:

  1. Could you ad another EQ page to activate manage Right on combined panner mode? At the present you could only manage Left. With Bome Midi Translator I’ll get it with this midi sequence:
    90 53 7f
    90 2a 7f
    90 24 00
    90 53 00
  2. Could I change button assignment form Midi Remote Page in Cubase or do I have to modify your Script? I would like to reassign some of the command on Modify, Automation, Utility and Transport section… could you give me some hint?

I’m on Mac Cubase 13 Sonoma.

Thanks in advance, cheers, Eriberto

Hi sorry just some addendum:

  1. on my point 2 no prob, would be nice bu I found a workaround with Bome Midi Translator
  2. Really needed Combined Panner… please… please
  3. Strange behavior on Meter led Bar … blinking… se attach
  4. Inconsistent Bar/Timecod switch… see it on attach.

Really a huge work no more to say, if you should make my few hints work it would be great.

Cheers, Eriberto

Hi, all solved, sorry for wasting your time was my fault.

The only thing I’d like to be solved is “Combined Stereo Pan”.

Thanks in advance, cheers, Eriberto

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I dont’t think that the combined stereo panner is exposed by the API (yet). There’s only one parameter for pan, even when surround panner is used. I’m hoping that Steinberg will implement a “panner viewer” in the same way they did for the channel strip and inserts.

In the mean time, you might try to map it through the mapping assistant, by duplicating the page and right-click then “pick for midi remote assignment” then change the scope for “global” and “selected track” that’s what i did to get full surround panner parameters.

Hope you’ll get lucky,


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Thanks a lot, but Icon pro surface that I owned before xtouch will manage the stereo combined panner using a midi note string and I got it working on Mackie original setup using Bome and that string… maybe it should work also here, I will try and if you’re interested I could mail it to you.

Cheers, Eriberto

Hi as you can see, see attached files using Standard Mackie Protocol and sending the sequence of midi note for:

1 Stereo Dual Panner (Remote Control Device Only), see Cubase preferences, you can open teh page with this sequence:

90 53 7f
90 2A 7f
90 24 00
90 53 00

2 Close the page, normal Panning with this sequence:

90 53 7f
90 2A 00
90 24 00
90 53 00

If you could do the same on your script would be grat.

Thanks in advance, cheers, Eriberto

Just a little adding, for my personal needing if you should disable that button, midi note number 42, and let pass thru the data I provide with Bome I can mange all by myself…

I need that on Mackie protocol I can provide the sequence above but if you intercept the button with midi note 42 it will work only as you have programmed it… if I have correctly understand all.

Cheers, Eriberto

Hey @edemunari,
firstly, thanks for the videos above – they were all super helpful. I’d assume that the issues you had in the beginning were due to a standard Mackie Control device set up at the same time?

Re the combined stereo panner: I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do to map this as only the standard panner is exposed by the MIDI Remote API.

The script is not relying on the standard Mackie Control internally, but re-implements everything with the MIDI Remote API. Hence, I cannot access traditional Mackie Control features like the one you are describing. I hope you’ll find a way to achieve what you are looking for.


Sorry @mat, I almost overlooked your comment!

Yup, that’s how it should be. Can you share the MIDI port names of your X-Touch and extender? Maybe they are not yet included in the current detection logic.

XTOUCH In : M4U eX 1
XTOUCH Out : M4U eX 2
Extender In: X-Touch-Ext
Extender Out: X-Touch-Ext

Thanks a lot for checking this!

Hay @bjoluc
Thanks for answering. Yes the Video first problems are due to double MCU setting, I forgot to read all you info… sorry.

Sorry to hear that even if your work is super cool, really impressed.

Wondering if you could’t consider what @mat suggests using a double encoder design.
You could assign the panner left/right data to them.
I know that using the standard mapping in cubase is possible just moving the left and the right value and then assigning that to the encoder.
Then you could use a double state “select track” switch to choose what encoder you are using and make it steady or blinking on what’s selected.
Maybe a preference in the script should be considered in order to let the user select wich PAN prefer to use.
I know I’m a little bit too much pressing…
Thanks anyway and again super super cool work.
Cheers, Eriberto

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sorry but there’s a little bit strange thing I noticed just now… Is there any reason because can’t sync video and xtouch track order? If I insert a MIDI track it is always after the stereo out even if I move the track around… see picture.

Midi Track is always after the Stereo Out if you enable it in the preference script… on my side… maybe a my fault.

Cheers, Eriberto

Ha, thanks! The port detection is just name-based, so it will only work when you connect your X-Touch via USB instead of the M4U eX.