X-Touch (+Extender) MIDI Remote Script (MCU mode)


Sure thing, just assign it in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant. Only that, without script modifications, you’ll have to activate “value-under-cursor” mode via the SENDS (= TRIM) button to put the jog wheel into knob mode.

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it really seems that it should work but cannot get it for the moment.
Seems assigned to “Control Room - Main - Level” but when I move the wheel still its acting like always, moving the transport.

I cannot see where to activate the “value-under-cursor” mode.

You’ll want to push the Sends/Trim button in the Automation section for that. The button is mentioned in the last point of the “Buttons” list in the Readme’s “About this Script” section – arguably not the most prominent position. I’ll include the button name in the summary too.


But…oh man, just discovered that the master Fader changes volume on the Control Room!
Thats perfect for me, I didn`t noticed at first and its perfect. Dont need the Jogg Wheel for this.

I also love using F6, F7, F8 for switching MAIN Control Room Outputs!

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My bad; I forgot to document the main fader assignment as a difference to the default MCU mapping :see_no_evil: Fixed that yesterday and also added a config option to use the first output channel instead (also thinking of folks who don’t have CB Pro). I just released v1.3.0 with this and a few other features that were left on my list :+1:

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Wow. This is awesome. I’d like to help get the scrub button working…or is that not an option w/ the midi API?

That’s great - I’ll do some of the ground work and see how far I get. I’ve got a lot on at the moment, so it’ll be a couple of weeks before I have a decent block of time I can spend on it, so I’ll keep you posted, and send out an SOS when I get in deep trouble!

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Oh, it does work. My system must have been in a confused state when I tried it.

@jeblomberg Leaving me in a confused state :sweat_smile: If you ever face the issue again and it’s somehow reproducible, don’t hesitate to share the repro steps. And thanks for your willingness to help!

@djaychela @Kaushik Fellow “midi-remoter” @dctsys just shared a MIDI-mode XT1 script :tada: Maybe that’s what you were looking for or can be turned into it with a little bit of tweaking? Feel free to check it out and leave some feedback in his thread!

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Thanks @bjoluc . I have checked it, will leave my feedback in @dctsys’s thread.

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I took a closer look at the track to scribble strip color mapping, which seemed to be inaccurate at times. Indeed, the color distance metric I was using was wildly wrong. I fixed this in v1.3.1 by applying the CIEDE2000 color distance algorithm and finding more accurate internal scribble strip color representations. Display colors now finally match all track colors properly :art: :tada:


Hey @bjoluc,
Thank you for your script!

Unfortunately I can’t import it in Cubase. I checked the versions, all is up to date and I followed the setup section in the GitHub repo. Seems like Cubase is requesting for a .midiremote file and not a .js file :thinking:

I am doing anything wrong?

EDIT: Found it! Actually, Cubase doensn’t like hyphens in the folder name. I was trying …\Local\Behringer\X-Touch and it wasn’t working, but when I changed it to …\Local\Bheringer\xtouch it worked straight away!

I found a bug though: the manning message on the screens is often “Pngchdr” instead of “C” for centered panned tracks.

Hi @algrad! I’m glad you managed to get it working!

I would expect this to be a 7-char abbreviation for something that should translate to “Pan Left-Right”. For English and German, the script rewrites the label to “Pan” already. I’ll add this for other languages too. Which language are you using Cubase in? Are you sure this just happens for “C”, or does it depend on the Name/Value button?

Thanks four your reply.

I’m using Cubase in French, and X-Touch in [“extender”,“main”] configuration.

I moved tracks with the “Channel” buttons on the X-Touch and indeed, the “C” tracks are randomly incorrect, while the “L” or “R” seems to be correct, but are changing to “Pngchdr” after a few seconds.

EDIT: Here’s a video of the problem : 20230320_193625.mp4 - Google Drive

EDIT 2: Faders are not following the mixer when I press the 1-8 buttons (above the F1-F8 buttons), but I guess it’s the .setFollowVisibility() is a teaser for future updates)? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the video @algrad – super helpful! I improved internationalization for all cubase-supported languages in v1.4.2 so “Pngchdr” (= Pan gauche-droit) reads “Pan” now.

Regarding the display value changing from "C/L/R"after a few seconds: By default, the script is not intended to show C/L/R at all, only if you switch to value display mode by pressing the “Display Name/Value” button, or for 1-2 seconds if a pan value is changed. And that’s the problem: When you switch channels, the pan values of some encoder knobs change, although you don’t touch them. Script-wise I can’t detect the difference, so the changed value is displayed for a second. Nothing I can do here, unfortunately.

You name it! I’m patiently waiting for the next Cubase update…