X Touch one - bank to follow selected track

I’ve recently been using a Behringer X Touch One controller with Cubase Pro 10. It seems like a well built and useful unit. It all works very well using their Cubase assignment with one annoying exception. If you select any track outside of the currently selected Mackie Control bank of 8, the bank does not automatically follow to this selection. To regain fader control of that selected track, one must physically bank on the X Touch to where that track is.

I realise that this is how the Mackie protocol works, but reading around forums it would appear that Logic have provided an option to have the Mackie Control bank follow any track selection. Presumably they have written some extended code to enable this option. Such an option in Cubase would be much appreciated by me, and clearly from reading those forums, plenty of others too.


Hi DickieDrummer, I’m glad your x-Touch is working with your Cubase Pro 10 - I’ve just bought my X-touch, and I went into the Cubase Pro Studio setup where the X-touch is recognized by Cubase but there’s no response in either direction:

Can you suggest if there’s anything else I should be doing?

Thank you, b

Hi, It looks like you have the full X Touch, unlike me I have the X Touch One (single fader controiller)

However looking at your Images it seems you have not set up the Mackie Control for your X Touch. (This is the protocol used by the X Touch.) Follow these steps:

  1. In Studio Setup click on ‘Remote Devices’
  2. Up at the top left of the Studio Devices window you will see a plus/minus sign
    3 Click on the plus sign and from the drop down list choose ‘Mackie Control’. This will add a Mackie device called ‘Mackie Control’ in your devices list.
  3. Click on ‘Mackie Control’ in that list. Now In the Mackie Control window at the top right choose your X Touch as the Mid input and Midi Output
    5 Press ‘Apply’ at the bottom right, then click ‘OK’ which will after a few moments closes the window back into Cubase.
    6 Your X Touch should now be responding.

I haven’t used the full X Touch, but perhaps that needs assigning for full Cubase functionality too. See in the instruction manual.

BTW I forgot to mention that in the Studio Setup/Midi Port Setup window (as per your second image) you should un-tick your X Touch input and output in the far right column with the heading ‘In All Midi’. This is to stop your X Touch receiving unwanted midi messages from tracks set to all midi.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

You’re the Man!

Thank you very much!!!

All the best with your projects, b

No problem. The Studio Setup in Cubase can be a confusing place and in my opinion really needs an overhaul…

Hope you have fun with your X Touch. I’m thinking I should maybe get the full size X Touch myself as although I’m finding the X Touch One very useful, its functionality is far less than yours. All the best to you.

Me, too!
Would be great, if Steinberg brings this feature in a future update.


Following this one…

here touch one with c10
it works fine I love it
maybe some new features in future update
hey behringer please

why steinberg don’t introduce new 121 controller?
little nuage one
shure a best seller

I too would love to see Steinberg implement an autobanking method as Logic has for the MCU protocol.

+1 for autobanking (using icon pro m+ in Mackie mode