X-Touch stopped working after upg to 13pro

I have both 12 and 13 installed on my system (win).
In 12 x-touch one works flawlessly (mackie control Cub mode).
When i launch 13 all commands OUT of xtouch are BLOCKED while IN commands work ok - displaying time and lights up correctly, faders are in the right positions.
in 13 pressing buttons or moving sliders DOES NOTHING.
in 12 (same system, not a single setting change) works great.
Looks like 13 blocks all MIDI commands that come from X-touch by default.
Here are two clips that show exactly what the problem is.
Anyone help, plz? I upgraded and now i cannot use my workflow anymore… ;(

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Are you using the Mackie Control component or the MIDI Remote script, please?

Try to restart our computer to remap all the MIDI Ports, please.

I’m using Mackie control.
restart computer? I did it, reinstalled cubase 13, deleted and readded Mackie controls, reset them, updated drivers, updated firmwares, uninstalled both version 12 and 13, reinstalled 13, then reinstalled 12…
nothing changed. cubase 12 works flawlessly, cubase 13 like in the video above.